Florida Dental Implants Consultation

How do I get started?

Dental Implants ConsultationAll patients will need an initial consultation with Florida Dental Implants. This one-hour appointment is used to discuss your expectations and desires, your treatment possibilities, the expected results, and the treatment fees.

Step one:

iCat Scanner for Dental ImplantsYour first step in an implant consultation is to have a CAT scan.
For many years, surgeons only had the benefit of two-dimensional dental x-rays to make a limited diagnosis. Now, we have the benefit of CAT-scan technology to give surgeons three-dimensional, precise information. Your exact bone height and width is determined, as well as where your nerve is positioned in the jaw, along with many other factors that allow us to give our patients the very best treatment results. Our open CAT-scan machine (see picture) gives us a wealth of information in only 30 seconds!

Step two:

The doctor at Florida Dental will immediately review the CAT-scan with you. Treatment options will be made based upon what is found. This will be the time you can speak one-on-one with the doctor and ask any questions you have. One of our implant treatment coordinators will be with you every step of the way. She will make sure that you are given all information in writing, will coordinate your treatment visits, discuss financial arrangements, and take care of anything else necessary to ensure a smooth and uncomplicated process for you.

We are very pleased that you are considering implant treatment with Florida Dental Implants, and we look forward to giving you the same life-changing results that we have given thousands of other patients.